Perfumers write about their products to evoke emotion. Read through the description and pay attention to how it makes you feel. If a ‘summer’ scent of daisies moves you to calm and happiness, perhaps that is the fragrance for you, or if a ‘deep’ jasmine reminds you of romantic candle-lit nights perhaps it is the one you want for a special occasion.

Allow yourself to feel moved by the words and choose emotionally.


You will also see that perfumers use notes to describe a scent: fresh, floral, woody and spicy. If you know which best suits your skin or which you like the best it will make selecting a fragrance easier.

While notes are typically classified as top/head notes, middle/heart notes, and base notes, they really refer to which groups of scents can be smelt with various intensity after the application of a perfume and its evaporation time.

Follow your Instinct

Perfumery is a very precise art/science, so the best way to choose a fragrance is to use your instincts.

Remember that your natural smell will change too depending on your diet, the climate, the soap you use and many other factors.

Having more than one scent for different moods and different occasions is a good idea, So if more than one perfume or cologne is speaking to you, give it a try, you never know when you might discover something new.