Our Committment to our Community
The Challenge

Pearlfumes has long recognized the need for bolstering education and opportunities for young people, and we are a proud supporter of community initiatives to ensure that young people are given the equipment they need to create the best learning environment possible.

Pearlfume employees have chosen to support the purchase and distribution of school supplies for young people, such as colored pencils, pens, paper and library books.

While many programs support bringing technological advancement to our schools, Pearlfume staff recognize the need for children to have access to the items that many people take for granted, such as paint or art supplies. This gives young people a creative outlet and time away from computer screens. It opens doors to learning and development skills that have lost focus.

At Pearlfume we are committed to making a difference in our community through the generosity of our individual staff members who work as a team to create better opportunities for our children.

Pearlfume challenges all its employees to join the challenge and give back to our community.